Here is feedback from visitors book used during Warwickshire Open Studios 2022 (18 June - 3 July). This was the first event for Art and the Alex (with the place still undergoing refurb!)  There were 14 artists on site over 8 days and visitors loved the art and the venue. Thank you to those who left comments (I have removed names but otherwise this is exactly as written).

  • Fantastic group of talented artists! Incredible venue and such friendly and inspiring people. What an asset for Rugby. Good luck with everything.
  • Brilliant to see what's been done with the Alex. What a transformation!
  • What a wonderful venue.  A most enjoyable experience wandering around, seeing people's work. I hope that it goes from strength to strength. 
  • What a fabulous project - I look forward to taking part in future workshops.
  • Impressive Open Studios
  • The Alex is a wonderful venue for the Open Studios or with future projects. Good luck.
  • What a wonderful transformation. The whole venue has a great positive vibe. The cafe/bar has a very relaxing atmosphere, where you could spend hours having a drink with a mix of people. I am excited to see how things will organically grow over the next few months and well into the future!
  • I learned only today of what is happening at 'the Alex'. The project seems an exciting breath of fresh air for Rugby Town. The prospect of an aesthetically pleasing venue for aperitifs  on a regular basis, and special events with entertainment and good company is good news.
  • Firstly thank you for saving a very important historical location in Rugby. Many memories in my younger days! A very positive use.
    A great location for artists who often work on their own to come together and bond, and also for us to all visit.
    Its our first trip of the exhibition and we will be back.
    Will be interesting to see how it all develops over the coming months.
    We need more of this across Rugby to inject new and interesting life into the town as it continues to grow. (I think the old Relate building and garden should be redevloped for use by all who live in Rugby). Ross on Wye for books and authors. Rugby for art and artists. Thank you.
  • An outstandiing venue and a huge boost to Rugby town. So excited to see what the future holds! 
  • This is a fantastic asset for Rugby. Rugby could be a wonderful town again but it needs reasons to visit and this will be one of them going forward. Can't wait for ou to be up and running full time. 
    Great venue, lovely owners. Good luck with it all and we will be supporting all the way.
  •  Wow. What a brillant place and nice things to see. Thanks.
  • Lovely art and great venue!
  • A brilliant use of this old pub with incredibly talented artists. A wonderful atmosphere.
  • What therapy! Spirit refreshed and bank balance in danger!
  • Lovely way to spend an hour. Great to see and speak to local talent.
  • Good luck with this super space! Absolute pleasure! Love from Spain x
  • Fabulous venue and great artists.
  • What a great venue and looking forward to seeing it developing, and coming back. Thanks,
  • Very impressive exhibition, really like the space
  • Look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  • Lovely to see so many talented people in Rugby. Very impressed. Look forward to some classes.
  • A pleasure to look round this morning. Rugby should exploit its talent more so that more people can enjoy the artists' talent.
  • Great vision to use the building in this way! Lovely to see quality work from so many talented people. We look forward to attending more events in the near future. 
  • This is just great. Well done for getting it together in time for WOS. Such a brilliant range of artists and the building will be such an asset for Rugby.
  • An amazing visit today, speaking to the talented artists and seeing them in a great venue.
  • Am feeling enthused after seeing the diversity of work and chatting to the artists  which makes all the difference. Great venue too. Good luck with it all.
  • What a great space and fabulous work - lots of inspiration and I am more than tempted to buy. 
  • The Alex is so much better now with the amazing atmosphere and beauty, so much beauty. [heart]
  • Interesting to come and see the art and to enjoy a chat and a coffee, theidea of using for small groups I can see would work and would/may be of interest to us.
  • Great use of this venue and a great asset forRugby artists and locals
  • Really lovely visit. Such wonderful work. It wuld be grat to see this again. Will spread the word. Thank you for a really great time spent.
  • This is something Rugby has needed for a while. Talented and interesting work. I was very impressed with the work and craftsmanship on display.
  • Great to see the place being used again after the demise of the pub. Really interesting artists, lots of variety. Love the needlework and fibrecrafts.
  • Well done on reinventing the Alex. Great to see lots of intresting artists and crafts.
  • Sooo happy this here. Rugby needs this. Looking forward to future events etc Hoping for some workshops, courses and artjam sessions.

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