Rugby A&M

Rugby Artists & Makers (and Network)

Rugby Artists & Makers (RA&M) began in 2018 with the aim of promoting all our local creative people. It was started by Jenny Ball (silversmith Ditherella's Workshop) with a website and an Instagram account. Its grown and developed and has led to Jenny knowing lots about the local artists and makers and forging many connections.

In late 2019 she was asked to address a group of local creatives alongside Fiona Sharp (then manager of Rugby School's Macready Theatre and Joanne Bailey of Rugby Art Gallery and Museum (RAGM).  They wanted to launch the idea of a local creative network but COVID intervened. 

In March 2021 RA&M revived this idea and an active Rugby Artists & Makers Network has developed. Chris Pegler and Steve Davies (owners of The Alex) were amongst the founding members of this network and have actively supported most of its ventures.

Through the work of its local artists and makers, the Network aims to promote art and making, support each other, and to promote and create opportunities - so far there have been group exhibitions, a pop up shop, pop up studios and networking events. Look out for the logo at Art in the Park (Leamington) in 2022 and at Warwickshire Open Studios 2022. (For this 14 artists and makers will set up at The Alex from 18 June to 3 July - see more on this here).

If you are a local artist or maker who would like to belong to an active network of creative practitioners please get in contact with the RA&M network, who will be happy to hear from you.

See what local artists and makers are doing: @rugbyartistsandmakers

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