Warwickshire Open Studios : including 40+ local-to-Rugby artists (come visit 14 of them at The Alex!)

The preparation for opening The Alex for Warwickshire Open Studios was an all hands on deck affair. After their first visit in Feb 2022 the artists and makers exhibiting here knew that it would be a HUGE task to get ready. But we made it and the resulting display across the cafe/bar, print room, garden room, silver shed, old brewery and into the pavillion works splendidly. Come and see the final results for yourselves across the next two weekends (Friday-Saturdays 24-25th June and 1st-2nd July, 11-5 and Sundays 26th June and 3rd July 11-4).

Here is a group shot of most of the people involved in the first weekend.  These are the talented local artists and makers who are making Art at the Alex happen! Come and see their work, see them at work and talk to them about their work. 

L-R Gemma, Brian, Anita, Chris, Steve, Sarais, Jessica, Bethany, Jenny, Jo, Glynis, Angela, Sue, Scott (John and IJE did not make this photo but their work is also on show)

 Most items on display are for sale and many will undertake commissions if what you would like is something a bit different.

Steve Davies at work in the printroom with unusual stained glass by Brian Dickinson
in the background (garden beyond).

Gemma (@GemsCreativePlace) is one of the three arists in The Old Brewery